Rawalpindi,   (Pariament Times) : The federal government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has set a record of distributing 204 billion rupees among the 17 million people (Rs. 12000/- each) who were affected by Corona Virus during last year. This cash assistance to the needy people is a record that proves that our government is working hard to alleviate poverty.

This was stated by the president of PTI Welfare Wing Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation Raja Saqib Ali while addressing the meeting of Welfare Wing held here on Sunday in his office which was attended by a large number of workers.

He said this record of providing huge cash assistance to underprivileged and deserving people is unprecedented in the history of our country. He said the PTI welfare Rawalpindi wing would also include philanthropists in the government’s poverty alleviation drive. To this end, we have decided to launch a special campaign to help the most backward families stand on their own feet, under which sets of hens and cocks will be distributed among them and the expenses incurred on this campaign will be met with the help of philanthropists. .

“Under this special self-help basis project for poverty alleviation with the help of philanthropists, a set of 8 hens and 2 cocks would be given to the deserving families in Rawalpindi for their support to rise financially on their foot.

He said that PTI Welfare Wing would launch this special campaign for poverty alleviation under its own auspices to help the needy and unemployed “Under this campaign, permanent and reliable sources of income will be provided to the poor with the help of philanthropists following the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan without the use of government resources”, he added.

Raja Saqib Ali said this step would lend a hand of help to the efforts of our government which is striving very hard to lessen the poverty. By flourishing poultry at domestic level, it would also help to produce and enhance the quality chicken meat and eggs. “The production of poultry meat and eggs will not only increase the quality and quantity of food but also increase business and help alleviate poverty”, he mentioned.

Raja Saqib Ali said that it is the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) which tightens the necks of the powerful land qabza mafia and relinquished government acres of lands from their possession. “This land shall be used to give benefit to the poor which would also lead toward the alleviation of poverty from our society”, he said.

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