Murderous Highway


Yousuf Baluch
Accidents are commonplace on Karachi-Quetta National Highway. At times, accidents are caused in account of slipping and occasionally animals walking on road are the reason behind road accidents and once in a while raining. According to Samaa News, Karachi-Quetta highway sees as many as 6,000 deaths a year. Every week one family lose their loved ones on the strength of murderous highway. Prior to three years, a lethal accident took place near Gaddani on RCD highway which resulted in 38 deaths and 15 injuries. In addition, a bus collided with a truck on Karachi-Quetta highway which resulted in number of deaths as both vehicles were entirely burnt. Residents have always complained that thousands of people are dying in road accidents and the government is asleep. The Balochistan government, on the other hand, has decided to widen the Quetta-Karachi into two-way road; however, nothinghas been done yet. Government of Balochistan should take swift measures to ensure better traffic safety on the RCD highway.