“Maulana Fazl is a religious scholar and we all respect him;


The way IK Niazi  talks about him is immoral and disagreeable”, says senior VP PML-N Punjab Sheikh Aftab Ahmed 

ATTOCK, (District Reporter): Former Federal Minister and Senior Vice President PML-N Punjab Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman Jaid is a
religious scholar and we are respected by all. The way Imran Khan Niazi has
talked about him is very immoral and What is wrong with them is that they
disagree with your policies. Dissent is the basic right of every person. Today, if
Nawaz Sharif, Maulana Fazal Shahbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz do
not perform the duty of expressing the sorrows of this oppressed people, then
where will these people go What is the plight of the country and the nation
today.You and your ministers do not even realize it. There is always the same
thing on your tongues. They were thieves, they were robbers, they were corrupt.
You have the same answer but to this day you have not been able to prove any of
your allegations while standing on the container you used to say when there is
inflation then the ruler is corrupt. Today inflation is talking to the skies. The
International Survey Report is a testimony to the stories of corruption in power.
The survey report on the basis of which you have been calling the previous
governments corrupt, now the stories of corruption are common in your time.
Electricity, Sui gas, petrol prices are increasing every month, two, three times.
Medicine prices are beyond the purchasing power of patients. The nation is
waiting to see what action will be taken against the flour and sugar mafia. When
will the flour come back to its original price from one hundred and ten rupees?
The flour went from forty to eighty but it does not reach the ears of the rulers until
they hear the screams of the people. Remember Imran Khan Niazi Fear of being
caught, sigh of the oppressed shakes the throne. Don't be so arrogant in power
and be afraid of the sigh of the poor people. Never listen to the cries of the poor
people on the TV screen. One of your ministers says that Maryam Nawaz has
pushed the party to a dead end. The fact is that the person whose daughter she is
has not compromised on her principles all her life. Maryam Nawaz The way the
party has handled the situation is certainly commendable. So stop worrying and
focus on how to get rid of the economic hardships that the country is facing
today due to your incompetence and incompetence and the way the poor people
are starving.