Child Marriages


Zainab Islam
Child marriage is one of the most common issues in Balochistan. Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public official and permanent. Today hundreds of Baloch girls lives are being destroyed just owing to it. Even though, this age is the time to get education but unfortunately they are getting married by their parents and it is being cruelty with the small girls. Even this is the right time to hit the books but they are getting marry. And a small girl can not take the responsibility of a family as well it is impossible for her to give birth to a baby. When they will be adults enough then to take the responsibility of ones family or a home. According to a research that, in Balochistan approximately 22 percent boys and 63 percent girls are married before the age of 18 years. And child marriage effects both boys and girls. This is also included children of age 10 to 14. Because of early marriage mortality ratio during pregnancy is high. Pregnancy creates many problems for the females under the age of 16 which can lead them into death. Child marriage causes mental and physical harm and it is a biggest issue in Balochistan. It is my humbly request to the government she should take an action about this serious issue save the small girls.