Muhammad Akhtar
Biden has taken an oath as a 46th president of the United State of America, which was once used to be the most powerful person of the world with potentially strong authority to the degree of breaking or making the government of the world with virtually no stiff resistance particularly, in the third world countries. But, this time world seems to have been tremendously changing while discouraging sole power of    unlimited power to rein the rest of the world. Economic interdependence and geographical interconnectedness with various nations to ensure maximum benefits from the emerging multi polar world is increasingly becoming political as well as strategic priorities of many of the nations of the world. All nations have risen to the consciousness of their vested interests. The public is no longer like the bygone days of being indifferent to the interest of their nations and now they began to question. In this age of IT, it is becoming comparatively tough for the World Bank and IMF to exploit the under resourced and under developed countries of the world. In this political consciousness and transition, there is a less in store for America. The policies driven by the passion of establishing America as the power militarily capable enough to make an unconditional surrender of all its adversaries who dared awake the wrath of it by refusing to accept its demands. Now China, Russia, Germany, Japan, France and India are the emerging forces with their own distinctive model of governance.America under Donald Trump has undergone an extreme radical change. He indeed attacked and exploited the division in the worst possible ways to seek his interest. During his rule brutal color, ethnic, religious and ideological controversies were on rampant and turned into physical violence. He put on the surface the long buried hostilities of black and white with his policies based on bias, discrimination and hatred. Blacks have been marginalized, rudely tortured, abused and made feel as one with inferior background, not capable to claim equality with the white supremacists. Women, gay and homosexual were also the victim of the indignation of the state appointed guardian of morality. Those who put innocent people to death to establish their violent existence aligned with fear and danger wandered freely under the state patronage. Any legislation regarding a ban on the gun at public places met with furious opposition, hindrance and criticism of Republicans. No less Trump shocked friends abroad, Trump repeatedly and consistently claimed with confidence of America being first. It sounded as if saying hell to the rest. With this self serving rhetoric which was central to his campaign, disappointed his allies who stood by him in all conflicts, America launched against so called enemies and paid heavy sacrifices.Biden has pledged to end animosity, polarization, populism and fascist tendencies to make American for all a land safe, secure and prosperous. He removed ban on immigrants. He promised to root out division, hatred, racial disharmony and inequality with fair governance aimed at uplifting the image of the country and equal opportunities, rule of law, and the only supremacy of the constitution. He understands that the regressive and oppressive instruments introduced by Trump against his dissident and particularly black communities contain in themselves potentialy disastrous consequences to shake down the pillars of the country in the shape of a civil war. We have witnessed similar disturbing incidents of chaos, agitation and protests as a reaction to the policies of Trump. Keeping who presumably, will continue to strike hindrances in legislations in congress. Still Trump enjoys considerable influence on many of the Republicans and privileged classes of the society. To ignore him totally, will be like underestimating his power. Concerning self destabilized regions of conflict, we can say that Biden is more predictable than Trump who understands that it is much harder to bring peace than to wage a war in a foreign land whose culture, tradition and way of life are quite contradictory and irreconcilable to that of Americans. He almost will have learnt that the belligerent and aggressive policies with so-called enemies have brought nothing other than economic burden, reduction in reputation, ruthless destruction, fueled extremism, earned hatred and hostility and loss of precious lives. With highly sophisticated weapons and war experience all over the world, still it has not only failed to subdue the insurgency in Afghanistan but is impelled to withdraw from Afghanistan leaving agenda unfinished. If it did so, without political settlement through intra afghan dialogues, it will prove a historical fallacy. Afghanistan is less homogenous society. There are tribes with distinctive ethnical backgrounds like Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Baluch and Pukhtoons etc with varying religiosities. It is right that Pukhtoons are the dominant tribe which constitutes a major resistance block of insurgency against the U.S.A and have almost 65% control of total Afghanistan. But making a settlement with the Taliban excluding the rest of the ethnicities will further lead to destabilization. The only possible solution of this turmoil lies is in mutually acceptable government formation with the inclusion and representation of all the parties and tribes of Afghanistan. Surely, war has failed, lets, peace be given a chance. this in view, Biden will have to strive a lot to rehabilitate, restore and renew the trust and hope of the marginalized communities through better services and inclusive politics to make them feel as equal citizen with equal rights and dignity in the United States of America. What makes his task tough is the hostile attitude of many of the republicans

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