Lack of Internet in Shah Abad


Nadeem Ahmed

No doubt internet is one of the important aspects of everyone life. As a result internet is most likely being used by people of getting knowledge and many other reasons, such as to communicate instantly with anybody in this Universe. Moreover, there are many other things which can’t be done without the internet. According to the resources in today’s era every third human is depended on it and taking a lot of his work done by it. On the contrary, a well known village of Balochistan Shah Abad whose people are deprived of Internet facility, it very shameful that still we hear such things, in 21st century they are still suffering from this issue no any Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) internet nor sim internet. Unfortunately, the most famous right hand of Turbat is out of (SIM) Internet but there Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is available why than Shah Abad is not getting it, it isn’t the part of province or country, may it takes too much money that the state can’t afford. Kindly, do something to make it fix as soon as possible, as government plus it’s all officers are requested to have a look, the small needed village that’s is waiting for changing the resolve the issue of internet an immediately.