Fake NGOs


Umar Farooq
Despite major steps, our country is still on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The PTI-led federal government has accused India of conspiring to give false reports against Pakistan which has led to the imposition of sanctions. India is our eternal enemy. It cannot be denied that India had provided these reports to FATF but at the same time, we have to see who facilitated India from within our country. Who are the organizations and individuals who became our sympathizers and supporters and also stabbed us in our back? The game that started in Pervez Musharraf’s era is still going on. Several NGOs from the United States and European countries were unearthed with their nefarious agendas. Some of them have returned after completing their tasks, while some are still busy with their missions.Such organizations, with beautiful names and slogans, brainwashed people to carry out their nefarious agendas. In countries from which these organizations are based, the offices of NGOs are open to the public and their agenda and resources are in front of the people. But in Pakistan everything is different. Here it is done in a secret way. The media is informed about some activities of the organization, but no one is allowed to have a clue about the actual agenda. There are many foreign organizations that facilitate the FATF, CIA and other international agencies, who are still carrying out their nefarious missions. During the previous government, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan tried to curb these NGOs, but under the current government, they are allowed to do anything they want. That is why these NGOs are conducting programmes without any hindrance in collaboration with critical agencies. In the past three years, various programmes were conducted under the auspices of the Islamic Ideological Council (IIC), in collaboration with a US-based NGO, and the services of some preachers of government-owned mosques in Islamabad were obtained. However, the government did not take any notice of how government employees and agencies are working directly for the US. The programmes were linked with National Action Plan, although their activities have nothing to do with it. Pakistan Army, government agencies, and the state are fulfilling their responsibilities for the implementation of the National Action Plan. Our Prime Minister says he will not be blackmailed by anyone. But will the government tell the nation that why they are increasing the prices of electricity, gas and petrol every day under the pressure of IMF and the World Bank? In the same way, we are been blackmailed by the world powers on the basis of the negative reports of these foreign NGOs. These foreign organizations are also involved in launching campaigns against the state and the Pakistan Army in the name of civil rights. Such organizations have also launched campaigns for Israel and the abolition of blasphemy laws. We need to be wary after the traps by global powers but also expose those who are attempting to harm us within our nation.