Blame game, No option for PTI


Naseebullah Achakzai
“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” Joseph Goebbels. Blaming is easy. Negative agenda setting and yellow journalism may provide some energy for a short span of time, but for a long time it might not work. In a democratic system , the government is bound to deliver and fulfill the promises that the party in power made during the election campaign.The PTI government has been censuring the opposition and the previous governments for all the ills and miseries of the country. The prime minister and ministers call the opposition leaders corrupt, cheater, thieves and plunderers. On the bases of suchornamental slogans, the PTI contested the election. It has been more than two and half years, the same electoral campaign like mantra continues. In spite of focusing the issues and tackling them, the government ministers including the prime minister are wasting their energies on an aimless and useless agenda.The PTI chairman had emotionalised its voters on the slogans of ending corruption and putting the country on track. Mr. Imran Khan had pledged to bring millions of looted dollars of Pakistani p back from theSwiss and other states to Pakistan. He had said that he had a team of 200 intellectuals who will put the state in right direction. How sad is that, after coming into power, the prime minister has advised two and half years later that no party should come to power without proper planning and preparation. This statement proves incompetency, surrender and that how there is difference of opinion prior to election and after election.Now, what next? As the practical period to deliver the promises for the PTI has started. Sadly, the situation is gloomy. The country is in deep crises. New alliances are in the  making. India has started engulfing Kashmir by force. The Afghan peace process is in jeopardy. The Economy has been shrinking, where negative growth has weakened it. The Energy crisis has again engulfed the nation. The shortage of LNG is playing havoc. Governance is shambling. Poverty, unemployment, and inflation have affected almost every family. Universities have been lacking funds to pay salaries. Political instability is on the peak. The Price hike, Sugar and Wheat crises are still at hump. Global Warming and climate change have been knocking for disasters. The PIA,s deterioration and its Malaysian episode have embraced us.The mantra of corruption and hatred against politicians are shaking the very foundation of the state. Once a political party comes into power, it must show saneness. It is its responsibility to abide by the fulfillment of its agenda. The prime minister and ministers have to burn the midnight oil for completion of the manifesto. Unfortunately, the scenario is reversed here. Mere the blame gaming is not working. When the prime minister and ministers are asked about the ample increase in foreign debt, they allege previous governments. When talk about energy issues, previous governments are blamed. Despite going into the details, that the previous governments can be held responsible, or not, the question arises, what are the responsibilities of the present government. Isn’t it is the responsibility of the government to tackle the issues and put the state on fast track? Sanity demands looking at the future. The figures of economic indicators, energy, etc. are available. Whether the past governments are responsible or not, (where many ministers were the part of previous governments since 2000). The question is how this government is handling the issues? How is it proving itself better thanthe previous governments? They must pay heed that, economy which was on track, has now fragiled, the energy sector which was flourishing is now downfalling, the Railway which was recovering, is now again deteriorated. The government must figure the masses that how many mega projects have been started since assuming the power. The onus of responsibility is on the shoulders of the government. The mantra, i will not give NRO has obsolete now. Arrogance and victimization are further deteriorating the situation. Negative media campaign, agenda setting and lapdog role are further creating hatred among the people. Despite blame gaming, denouncing, inciting the layman, and creating hatred, the PTI_led government must use its energies in putting the state on right direction. Myriad of national and international crises are striking the door. If the government is unable to deliver, then it has a safe passage opportunity and go for the Snap election.