Maternity Home Facility launched at Rural Health Centre Var


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: Amid hue and cry over lack of Health facilities across the district a commendable initiative has been taken by Dr. Sadiq Sheikh Medical Superintendent at Rural Health Centre Var. The efforts of Dr. Sadiq and his team have provided RHC Var with the facility of Maternity Home for 24 hours.
Var is a scattered area and the Rural Health center here was lacking this basic health facility that caused women of this area a host of problems related to their health and the health of newborn children.
Ever since I assumed charge as a Medical Superintendent, I witnessed women and their children reeling through multiple health complications owing to the unavailability of Maternity Home facility; Said Dr. Sadiq.
Dr. Sadiq Further Said that; I and my team with the collaboration of the District Health Officer,took this initiative to facilitate poor masses of this area who could not afford the expenses of any private health facility. He further added that Ultrasound Machine had also been made operational. He called for the provision of additional staff, an X-Ray Machine, and an ambulance for transporting patients needing emergency treatment, This facility would be free of cost; He reiterated.
A lady doctor said that; Maternity home had been made functional but additional and well-trained staff would be required as per the need of this area.
This initiative has received a tumultuous response from the general public they have lauded the efforts of Dr. Sadiq Sheikh and his team for the pro-public and pro-poor move.