Fatima Imam Bakhsh
Cortisol is released into your brain to tell you that your condition is dangerous and you should do anything to get out of it. It makes you feel bad when you are in a situation that can cause pain or death to motivate you to do something about it because you want to stop feeling bad. You are good at avoiding survival risks because you release cortisol when you feel something bad in your brain. A big release of cortisol is what we call ‘fear’, a small release of cortisol is what we call ‘anxiety’ or ‘stress’. These are bad feelings. Let me tell you, it hurts when you don’t act fast. Every time our brain recognizes a situation that can cause pain, it releases cortisol. Example: You think about the fact that you may fail the test, your brain sees that you are in a state that can cause pain, and as a result cortisol is released. Any thought of potential pain releases cortisol, and puts you in a state of stress, as if death is all around you if you do nothing. This is because you have neurochemicals prepared for life or death situations. It assures you that your life is more difficult than others. Because even a small worry about.