PTI Government VS PDM what will happen…?


Sohail Ahmed Mangrio
After creation of Pakistan till 2007, no any democratic government could complete its time period due to involvement of puppet opposition parties or marshal laws. Democratic governments started to complete their time period from 2007- 2018 A.D but these were the parties who were in government and in assemblies since 1971 or their ancestors. In the election of 2018 nation wanted a new leader and government so Imran Khan had been elected as PM of Pakistan. Imran Khan promised, maybe he did not know his promise will snared in his neck when he will become a PM and public believed him, he promised that he will control corruption, bring back a money which is out of country, make strong economy, give off the loan of country, solve the problem of Kashmir, to build bhasha, diamer and mehmend dams, to complete the shortage of water, to break the chain of slavery of America and IMF, to provide free education, health and gas, electricity, petrol and depots provide in cheap rates, to start a campaign of plantation for the protection and safety of environment, provide one crore jobs, to build fifty lacs homes for poor people, do not take loan, to eliminate protocol etc. these all promises and dreams of progress of green gardens gushed cannabis which showed public by Khan before be a prime minister, because accountability campaign changed in taking self revenging, to strong economy means devastated the current economy, solution of the problem of Kashmir means India make it part constitutionally, do not take loan means to break the records of previous governments in taking loans, to break the chain of slavery of America and IMF means to use taken funds and loans according to their guidance and orders, to build dams means to steal and disappear the funds, to give jobs means to make people jobless, to snatch protocol means to enhance it, further he said that he make university to PM house but it means it becomes a marriage hall for the marriage ceremony of Army officers’ offspring. Government is going to complete third year but Kan Shb could not decide how to lead a country and in which direction they should go nor he could make better policies, first he said that he’ll make a country or governance like Maddina, then he said that he said we make a model of china and now he said he will make a welfare country, in half two years Khan and his cabinet could not decide what should they do? I think Imran Khan is lucky PM because all departments and establishment are with him, then why country is going back day by day, I think it is due unable cabinet of Khan, majority of them were in PML, PPP and Musharaf in past whom PM changes again and again. In the name of accountability two and half years they spent and till now they’re criticizing previous governments and I think remaining time also will be passed in criticism but they will not do anything for nation the question arise that will government complete time or not? If yes, then what country will be developed or go back further? And will government complete time in presence of extremely defies of opposition parties. PDM leaders blamed that Imran Khan is a puppet, selected and rejected PM, these all dialogues were spoken by Imran Khan when he was in opposition. From first day of creation of Pakistan every opposition party blamed manipulation in election and rejected governments due to this till 2007 no any party could complete time period. Opposition parties are saying democracy is in risk, imran khan were saying soon umpire raise the finger to pullout Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif from government, who was his umpire and why democracy is in risk?according to PDM,other side PDM leaders are criticizing to departments such as army and establishment, are the monuments of Marshal law again?In Karachi after closure of PDM IG of Sindh Police abducted and Maryam Nawaz and her husbandarrested, in Balochistan before PDM’s closure Bomb blasted in Hazar Gangi on 25 October, Sunday and central leader of JUI Molana Abdul Ghafoor Hydri said the cause of this blast was to stop or cancel the closure. Next bomb blasted on 27 October 2020 in Peshawar in  Madarsa, about it Molana Fazlurehman said it was the struggle to cancel PDM’s closurefrom these speeches the blames are on government or establishment, cannot say anything. Arrests of PDM’s leaders, calling them traitor, is this a fight for democracy, for making a way for Marshal Law? In Past governments could not complete time due interfere of opposition parties which gave way to dictators to enforce marshal law and they ruled more than ten years, made a lot of wealth and settled in foreign countries. Some leaders of PDM said their fight is not with Imran Khan but it against whomthat are back of him. Maryam Nawaz said indirectly Army invited us for table talk but we’ll talk firstly this fake government should be sent to home, from these words we can know the pilferage and decline of Governments are under Army, further she said establishment contact adjoining of me fortable talk, not to me directly, army is my department, we’ll talk to them under the constitution and in front of public not in derail but first fake government should be gone to home, I can talk all stake holders but not to Imran Khan and I think talking with Imran Khan is a sin and it is equal pardoning them. On 27 November PDM gave the charter of twelve points which are federal, Islamic democracy and freed to Parliament, to strong constitution and all Islamic constitutional points, to stopinterfere of intelligence and establishment from politics, to make microbes election, To secure and safe the basic and democratic rights of public, to secure the independence and rights provinces and eighteenth amendment, to establish and make strong as well as impactful local governments, to safe independence of freed of opinion and thoughts and media, to finish terrorism extremism completely according to national Action Plan, to make urgent policy to control worsening. If we see the reality these all demands are true under constitution,and it the need of time but I want to ask opposition parties, when they were in government why did not they do above mentioned points? If PTI’s government will be declined thennext government will implement the demands? PMLN and PPP’s governments did some remarkable works which they’re remembering and attracting public to them,but what Imran Khan has?Which he’ll remember after government. . Now foreign funding which was taken by Imran Khan during election caimpaigns and other cases are filed, I think it is a starting of Khan’s bed time like Nawaz Sharif, he was also pullout in panama papers case, Imran Khan’s cases may be pullout him like Mian Nawaz sharif. In present time politician should not fight to take personal revenges, hate and greed of government and conceal bed works, in name of public rights. Politician should stop their fight if both sides will become persist then it’ll give more loses to nation.