Pakistan ought to address Kashmir issue on international level, says Rashid Turabi


KARACHI,   (Parliament Times) :   Convener All Parties Kashmir Liaison Council Chairman Public Accounts Committee Abdul Rashid Turabi has said that if Pakistan’s media highlights the Kashmir issue, it could attract international attention. Journalists in Pakistan and around the world should play their pivotal role in highlighting the Kashmir issue. The government of Pakistan should announce its withdrawal from all other agreements, including the Simla Agreement to restore the right of Kashmiris to resist. He said Kashmiris are fighting for the completion of Pakistan. Pakistan can not be completed and secure without Kashmir. Land grabbing and de-delimitation, eviction of Muslim employees from Bakarwal tribes are being walled off from JK Bank. On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5 February , the President of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Pakistan should continue the tradition of addressing Muzaffarabad Assembly. He said while addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club. India is violating human rights, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and all minorities have been deprived of their basic rights and has transformed into a fascist state. “Human rights violations are being spread in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir after August 5,” he added. Narendra Modi’s close aide Arnab Goswami’s WhatsApp chat proves that Pulwama and Balakot operations were rigged to win elections. EU exposes Indian propaganda while NGOs and websites hide the facts for defaming Pakistan and linking the Kashmir Independence Movement to terrorism and attacking it is a very dangerous move. He said that the government of Pakistan should expose India’s propaganda at the international level and make the world believe and decide on a strategy to break India’s campaign. He concluded as Kashmiris are determined to expose India at every forum. They will continue their struggle till independence in the morning.


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