Pak-US to manifest relations by upcoming Biden Government, Ijaz says



Attock, (District Reporter):  Pakistan Muslim League (Zia) chief Ijaz-ul-Haq said that after the defeat of Russia and the United States after the jihad in Afghanistan, the United States was under the illusion that Pakistan is involved in the war in Afghanistan. The CIA, India and Israel were involved in terrorism in Pakistan, from the GHQ attack to the ISI headquarters in Doha. In the talks, Pakistan should have informed the United States of its position and now we needed to take a definite position, but we kept quiet and started taking money from the United States, he said. Talking to media on the occasion of condolence on the death of Riaz-ud-Din Awan’s brother, he said that we should have explained to the United States because Pakistan suffered a lot after 9/11. The coming US government will change Pakistan-US relations. Because Trump was crazy and his whole inclination was towards India and then our thorn “Even if the policy is not in the right direction, we have angered our close friends. We have to clarify our strategy to correct the foreign policy,” he said. “The broadsheet issue should have been resolved in 2004, but our policy.” I don’t have continuity. One was appointed chairman of NAB, then the other came. Then everything happened to RO. If there is a clean and transparent inquiry, then the names of big people will come. No action should be taken against the returnees. It is our misfortune that matters are settled according to the ideology of necessity which causes irreparable damage to the country. Let the nation know how corrupt our leaders are. He said that the PDM has lost face. The PML-N, compromising on its ideology, went to Larkana and chanted slogans under the leadership of Zardari. They started talking about dragging on. They started politics of interests.  He said that there is nothing wrong with Maulana Fazlur Rehman. The PPP members have taken advantage of the situation and bargained for money NRO. He said that there is lawlessness and inflation in the country and the government should control it. It has made it expensive for the poor to plunder the pockets of the poor so that they have failed to collect taxes but to return it to the people. In every country subsidies are given to provide relief to the poor but to fix the economic situation here. He said that all political parties have received grants from outside in foreign funding. The name of the present government came to the fore because Imran Khan is raising funds himself. He said that money was coming from abroad to overthrow and form governments. As far as accountability is concerned, as long as the institutions of accountability are not above the parliament, they will continue to be used on political grounds. Has a role to play in bringing and overthrowing governments. We all have to fix it together.