The Only Shelter for Orphans, Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust


Naeem Kandwal
The Holy Quran says ” They ask you as to what they should spend. Say: “Whatever good you spend should be for parents, kinsmen, orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; and whatever good you do, Allah is all-aware of it.” (Al-Baqarah, 2:215)”. All world religions, especially Islam, have declared service to the people as a great virtue. Islam is a religion of humanity. Islam considers serving others as a great act of worship. According to the teachings of Islam, it is only in serving people that we shall have a share in God’s mercy. Allah Almighty has created some personalities in every nation who have made the service of the people, as a goal of their life. Serving the people is certainly a great act of worship. When we serve the creation, we are serving Allah. Ms. Lubna Nooreen is a revolutionary figure who has dedicated her life to serving the people. She is from Islamabad. She is running a welfare organization that take care of orphans. The name of this organization is Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust. It is a large welfare organization  that aims to provide shelter to helpless and orphans. There are some accidents that change the direction of life. Such accidents prove a turning point in life. There was also an accident in the life of Ms. Lubna Noreen that changed her life. This accident led to the establishment of the Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust. When I heard about this ideal welfare organization, I decided that I would definitely meet the founder of this organization, because such personalities are a role model in nations. When I asked Ms. Lubna Noreen about the welfare trust, she said: “I am from Islamabad. I am the founder of Nooreen Zindagi Welfare Trust. I got married 13 years ago. After six years of marriage, Allah blessed me a child who lived only 14 days, and died. Then Allah Almighty gave me another child, who also lived for two months and died. Afthr this incident, me and my husband thought we would become parents to children who do not have their own parents. In April 2019, we set up this welfare organization. From day one, our goal was to support children who have no parents. The first child we adopted, was from Lahore. People also donated to our organization. Thank God, we currently have 26 children, 14 of whom are girls and 12 boys, ranging in age from 4 to 12 years. My husband is from Vehari, Multan while I am from Islamabad. My husband runs a car dealership. We have set aside a certain portion of this business income for this trust. My husband fully supported me in this work. Initially, he said that we would nurture 10 children. We will do this with our own income. But later the number increased and some other philanthropists also joined in this good work. I am taking care of these children like my own children. I try to provide them with everything they need. Inshallah, as long as we live, this organization will continue to nurture and care for orphans and helpless children. we started it with the intention that it will continue even after our death. Our sole purpose is to support orphans. The purpose of life is to serve others. ”I believe that kindness is one of the most important virtues because it is an important basis in everyday life. It is a strong moral to have. Kindness can be giving a simple smile or helping someone cross the street, We can use this virtue in every situation. We should all choose to be kind. Helping orphans is indeed a great virtue. Ms. Lubna Noreen is certainly a revolutionary figure. Such personalities are asset of nations. it would not be wrong to say that such personalities are the pride of nations. Her mission is highly commendable. Philanth ropists should be more involved in this good work so that this welfare organization can continue to support orphans in the same way. Ms. Lubna Noreen is a role model for today’s young generation. Welfare organizations like Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust are our valuable assets.