Space War: Are We Prepare


Naseebulllah Achakzai;
My new national strategy for space strategises in a warfighting domain , just like the land , air and sea. Trump Conventional technology and war methods have been superseded by space technology and warfare. According to the world economic forum, 70 billion dollars were spent on space technology and warfare in 2018 all over the world. The USA, China ,India, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, etc . are occupying the space. Sending missions to Mars, Moon, and other celestial bodies have been growing with rapid speed and priority. Launching Satellites have become a daily routine. In this scenario, at which juncture we are standing? After the announcement of the establishment of space force by Donald Trump, it is now clear that the modes of war have been changed. The space race which was started in 1950,s is on full swing now. Space is no more dominated by Russia and America. Multiple powers are occupying the air. Chinese astronauts have set foot on the Moon. Indian astronauts have been on Mars. Many other states have been sending satellites by pouring millions of dollars into space technology and warfare. Apart from using the space for commercial, and communication use, theme air has been converting into a war place. The race military and espionage uses of satellites is on peak. the USA, NATO, China, India, Russia and some other western countries have updating their missile technologies. America, Russia and China have been working more on anti satellites weapons, guided missiles, drone technology, detection of warning of missile launch system from foreign countries, and for advanced jamming frequency. In addition to that, to disrupt cyber-attacks, jamming GPS satellite technology, to disrupt services, making of hit to kill missiles, and hacking satellites have been the priorities of this space warfare, for which myriad of states have worked and are working more. The USA has worked on firing from intense beam of microwave radiation at an object. Apart from this, the killing of the Irani scientist Mohsin Fakhrayzada from advanced sophisticated arms is the recent example of the US and Israel’s advancement in space technology. It is estimated that the NASA annual budget for the year 2019 was 20 billion US dollar, which is  the lion share of total 48 billion dollar space budget of the US. Israel is spending 4.3 percent of its GDP on space programs, which is highest in the world , where space budget is provided for project to projects basis. More, China had allocated 8.9 billion dollar for space program in 2020. While the budget allocation for Russian space agency Roscomos in 2020 was 2.77 billion dollars. Indian budget allocations for space was RS 13479 crore for the year of 2020. Notwithstanding to that, a lion share of budget has been provided by the NATO , and European union for space programs and exploration. Indian has been pouring a chunk of money on space program. It had launched its first Mars Mission in 1984. It was the first country which had destroyed its own satellite in space in 2017. Moreover, it has planned to launch its first manned space mission in 2022. In 2019, IRSO launched a rocket carrying a record of 104 missiles to space. Its Cartosat N-2 spy satellite, which is at an accuracy of less than 1 metre, has been launched for the purpose of espionage of Pakistan and China. The BECA agreement between India and America could be more fatal for Pakistan and China, in this regard. The weaponization of space has been taking taken place at a rapid speed. Billions of dollars have been poured into space exploration. The commercialization of space, the use of air for communication purposes, and the use of space for the military purposes have become the prime importance to many world powers. In this regard, the Indian program of space for military and espionage cannot be set aside. The question is, are we prepare for this advanced space warfare?