Journalism Message


The word Sahafat means “Journalism” is an Arabic word derived from the original Sahifa and Sahaf which literally means book and journal (newspaper/magazine). The meaning of journalism is as follows: “Preparation of news and commentary on news as well as for newspapers and magazines. To sum up, a news organization is called journalism. Journalism is the eye of society. Keeping in mind, Journalism is known as the fourth important pillar of democracy in the world. Working people in this department say that . there is no time for anyone to think, understand or read anything. The only pressure here is to submit the news before the deadline. But, Is it journalism or more clerkship? A great care regarding News; is the identity of journalism and the role of reporting in ne ws is very fundamental. But, Are Journalists aware of their own responsibility? As, it is the only medium that can raise the voice of the poor. But, modern journalism is not taking its profession very seriously. Journalism, which was once a means of raising the true voice of the poor, does not hesitate to change the tone of its true voice these days. One can observe that the standard of modern journalism is to flatter politicians, to cover up their evil deeds, to dedicate a whole page of their newspapers to the poems written on them, and to spend the whole day on TV screens bridging their false praises. The biggest problem of our journalism is that it has fallen victim to politics. The media does not get involved in major conflicts with governments in the West. Even so, Governments, despite their dislike, hold verbal protests. But they (governments) do not try to impose any restrictions upon them. Freedom of the press is, of course, very important, but with every freedom comes certain conditions and some limitations. Journalists must not exploit the true essence of this pillar. Concluding, Napoleon had once said that “if the Bourbon family had controlled the writing instruments, their government would have lasted for the next hundred years.” So, for preserving the integrity of this department, Journalists must be productive enough to spread humanity and human voice instead of flattering the apex communities.