PDM created unrest in state but PTI remains strong; Raja Basharat


Lahore:  .Punjab Law Minister Raja Mohammad Basharat called
on Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar at Governor House. Talking on
the occasion, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that even if the
opposition uses every option of protest, Imran Khan will remain the Prime
Minister till 2023. After defeat on every front, the opposition is looking for a safe
During the meeting, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said
that PDM has been dreaming of overthrowing the government from day one but
it has failed. The PDM's desire to overthrow the government will remain
unfulfilled and Imran Khan will remain the Prime Minister till 2023. Chaudhry
Mohammad Sarwar said that after failure on every front, PDM is now looking for
a safe passage because the masses have rejected them. Prime Minister, Imran
Khan, is known for his strong determination and steadfastness and no power in
the world can blackmail him.
Governor Punjab said that the PDM has been creating turmoil in the
political environment for its survival but the government will not be affected.
PDM will see that the PTI government will win the Senate elections as well. He
maintained that the government is strong and stable and not afraid of the
opposition’s threats. The government is taking practical and immediate steps to
address the challenges faced by the country.
Provincial Law Minister Raja Muhammad Basharat said that the
government is taking practical steps to solve the problems of the common man.
The nation has full confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan. The plans of the
opposition will fail so it should stop protesting and holding rallies, he added.