Numerous people join PPP in induction Program at Rawalpindi


RAWALPINDI,   (Parliament Times) : President of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) District Poonch Hafiz Mohammad Saghir presided over an induction program at Rawalpindi Chakri Road Noorani Hall. A large number of youths resigned from various political parties and joined PPP. Alhaj Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan of Jammu and Kashmir was the special guest of the occasion and Amjad Khaliq performed the duties of stage secretary.

Addressing the function, Sardar Yaqoob Khan said in his address that in any case, he will take full part in the elections from both the constituencies. he said that workers should prepare well. The party will not disappoint them. He said that the way the general public has been decimated in the last four years is before the public. All the mega projects in Poonch took place during my tenure, including the establishment of medical colleges and universities, he added. All the roads under the Asian Development Bank are under my purview. The appointments made in both the constituencies due to political shortcomings are from all other districts. Kashmir is inextricably divided. Kashmir will be decided by Kashmiris only. Pakistan and Azad Kashmir have made great sacrifices for the protection of the Pakistan Army. The nation is proud of them.

Sardar Babrak Sharif, Sardar Hameed Afzal, Constituency Subedar Aslam Khan, Sardar Latif Revolutionary Advocate Sardar Hafeez, Sardar Zubair Karim, Aitaq-ur-Rehman Faisal Khaliq Khawaja Hussam Sardar Bashir Azmat Chughtai, Zulfiqar Chughtai Ajmal Hussain Sardar Zahid Khan Asim, Sardar Niaz and others were present on the occasion.