Abdullah Gul hails Erdogan as a fearless political leader of Muslim world



RAWALPINDI,   (Parliament Times) :  Chairman of Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan(TJP) Mohammad Abdullah Gul said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a fearless political leader of the Muslim world. President Erdogan has always raised the strongest voice in the Muslim world against the persecution of Muslims everywhere in the world. Oppressed Muslims around the world consider Turkish President Erdogan as their Messiah, which is why President Erdogan is held in the highest esteem in the Muslim world, and he is one of the most beloved figures in the Muslim world. He expressed his views while addressing the introductory ceremony of the launch of Turkish Urdu website. Abdullah Gul said that now Pakistan and Turkey need to launch joint ventures in many fields. Now is the time to strengthen the political, diplomatic and military cooperation between the two countries. The two countries should move forward together in the media industry to raise a common voice on the issues of the Muslim Ummah around the world. Finally, Abdullah Gul said that the love of the people of Turkey and Pakistan is given as an example in the world. The love of Pakistanis with Turks is everlasting and history has shown that whenever there is a problem in either country, they help each other more than their brothers.