Seven habits of highly effective people


Yousof Baki
The seven habits of highly effective people is an inspirational book that talks about setting principles in life. It is a business and self-help book written by stephen covey. The the book discusses about the behavior, attitude team work,perforce and time management which are basic principles of an effective life. The book is based on seven habits that a successful person can implement them in his her life. Namely, begin proactive,begin with the end in mind,put first thing first, think win-win, seek first to understand then to be understood, synergize,and renewal. 1st Habit be proactive. Being proactive is the most underlined habit that affective people have. The thousands of full tens are to drive the life whose main habit is being proactive. Proactive people put their efforts in the circle of influence. They work on the things ,they can do something about. This proactive is compared with reactive. Consequently, reactive people focus on their efforts in circle of concern. Stephen covey greatly said, “l am not a product of my arcumstance I am a product of my decisions.” To be proactive, it starts taking actions, accepting challenges, facing the difficulties with courage and always doing best to take more responsibilities according to the situations. Instead of creating problems, they try to find out the solutions of the problems. They always try to be happier all the time. Be a light not judge,be a mode not a critic. However, proactive people are never driven by life they drive the life. Reactive people also think about what they have but proactive people think what will God do? Proactive simply means to produce situations 2nd Habit begin with the end in mind. If you have participated seriously in this visualization experience,you touched for a moment some of yourself deep. Furthermore, this is the main power of effective people who do set goals in their minds.when they want to accomplish a goal, they stand and plan for it tell the end in mind then they start it or construct it on the earth. Simply, we should see our own business or while we are constructing a house first we will not end it might we directly construct it on the earth then for managing it there is a big destruction and spend. If someone begins end in the mind they will firstly plan shape it on the page which is the only way to have a wonderful house or simply successful life. Successful people are also based on rescripting or the past script which way to negation on the script. If someone is able to make a script that means he she is on the way towards success. Stephen shared that have new ways to find bright ways. 3rd Habit “put first thing first”. Beneficial for the success throne but a habit of failure throne that they don’t put first thing first. This plays an immense role in life of effective people. Whatever is important should be done first. Always manage your  time because time management is life management. Time management plays a drastic role in ones life. Until your time is not managed you can’t achieve anything in your life. In the same way,mission, goals, dreams and taking actions on time. you should always avoid those activities which are not essential in your lives. you are a self manager of your own time, always have planning while you are doing something. Absolutely it shines your life. 4rth Habit “think win-win”. Win-win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all interactions. Win-win means that agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial. Win lose most people have been deeply scripted in win lose mentality since birth. First and the most important of the powerful forces is to work with family. When a child is compared another win patience understanding or love is given. Think win-win and for other philosophy which consequently we should think win-win helps one’s mind to search for success. Love win is something which will deeply affect this success. 5th Habit “seek first to understand then to be understood”. It is one of the most important habits for building a strong life. Listen to people carefully and sincerely. In fact it is our ability to process to think, feel and understand mental status of people. It is the nature of human to listen less and talk more. It is one of the main reasons of failure. Always be good listener that creates mutual relationship. The people who you listen more trust you most and share his feelings and emotions. Lastly the seven habits of highly effective people is a principle centered character inside out approach to personal and interpersonal affectedness. It helps us to identify and acknowledge the principles that lie deep inside the core of every individual and coverts them into simple habits because a habit is the easiest way to practice any idea into our daily lives.