Happy Birthday Sir!


Bakhtawar Rakhshani
Teachers are publicized like jewel and their benefaction with respect to society is sterling. Having said that, hardly any of them who like a matter of fact sense their focal capacity and plays it credibly in contemplation of a upbeat modification in a society. I’m favoured with an English teacher who not  merely educate students, yet also perceives to make a change in society. The way he leads and oversees us is meritorious. His positive behaviour concerning per capita student makes him disparate than rest. He always keeps hope to pull off the target and never belittle students if they don’t perform well, rather excite them no matter when they fell flat. His frisky teaching method has heartened me to be a teacher. On the occasion of his birthday, I crave to articulate that he is the best teacher in my life and we are born under a lucky star to have of this kind a motivator and supporter.