Climate change in Pakistan


Bilal Ismail DarmkhaiL

The industrialisation and urbanisation process around the world has affected the world environment where we live. Climate Change has a negative impact on economic growth, development and whether pattern. The developing countries are suffering most for these drastic changes,Pakistan is among top 10 countries which have been effected by climate diversity. Sustainable goals cannot be achieved if their environment is not good. In 70th United General Assembly meeting in 2015 UN put it long term plan for the control of Climate Changes,the goal number 13 framed as”Take urgent action to combat climate change and it’s impacts.” SDG,s came in action in 2015 which will be 2030,aimed to helping the developing countries for development their economy and minimum impact an environment changes. It is noted that sustainable goals were not achieved if their an environmental degradation. Pakistan already planned to adopt SDG,s completely at it competent the government vision 2025 development policy. Pakistan already categorised as a water stressed state and after becoming a signatory to Paris agreement. As an agricultural country,it direct impact on per capita income,water insecurity,food shortage. It’s is important that Pakistan should adopt the COP21 and SDG,s agenda. According to the National Aeronautics and space Administration NASA a climate change refer to “a change in the typical or average whether of region or city,this could be the change,in region average rainfall. Climate Change is also change in overall climate,this could be change the earth over all temperature.” There are two avenues through which climate change is taking place,one is through natural phenomena (sun warming the earth )and other is unnatural (global warming and environmental degradation) caused by human activities. Unnatural climate change has been gaining more and more attention on current days . Rising global temperature in Pakistan have been accompanied by erratic change in whether and climate. Glaciers and ocean have also experienced some big change, oceans are warming up,ice caps melting and sea levels are rising.In Pakistan some places have changed in rainfall pattern, resulting more floods, droughts, intense rain. Pakistan can also benefit by seeking help from International community against further environment degradation and lead road to COP21 and Paris agreement where 200 countries signed the land mark agreement in climate change. Pakistan need to develop a policies in different level,macro and micro level policies.Going by a current government policy Pakistan need a more mothodical approach toward developing countries. Billion sonami tree is good forward