Fissure Amongst the Muslim states- a new wave


Safeer Ahmed
In what manner does the new world order partakes and wrought the new-fangled up surging fissure amongst the Islamic countries. Assuredly the interests of these states have molded up their interstate relations. “New world order” during this pandemic lays a fissure amongst the Islamic countries, their socio-political and economic relations are now more off perilous then the past, especially power blocking within the Muslim world, seeking for their own interests regardless of its unity and brotherhood. And their Inter-state relations are in clear depiction of realist mind sets. The Muslim countries are nearly 50% of the globe with the population of 1.6b illions peoples. Basically they are united in their belief and faith on Allah Almighty and on his Prophet Muhammad PBUH but unfortunately these states are at odds and have made it wide of the mark. They have lost the track of what really Islam says; being a state conforming to their silence on brutality with Muslims of Rohingiya – Myanmar, with Kashmiris’, people of Syria, Gaza nor is to forget how west treating Muslims within its own boundaries’ alike in France and Israel, Speediness  in Islamophobia and how the western interests based agenda is working against Islam and Muslims. However the colonial and imperialistic mind sets have made these countries step forward to cooperation as the undertaking of OIC (organization for Islamic Cooperation). The OIC has ensured mostly the collective consensus of Muslim world on page but with very limited achievements, which is needed to increase more for the further upgrading in Muslim’s brotherhood and unity. Today’s Muslim Nation- States have totally transformed for their origin and the true sense of religious teachings instead en route for the convictions and violence. From the desert of Sahel to the Island of Pacific’s they are afflicted by the clash of interests and values more over the inevitable aspect of social change leads towards the violence that basically vary in dimensions and different in intensities. Among the Muslim states considering the Iran- Iraq war, and instabilities in Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Yemen caused by the negligence and incapability’s of Muslim as a nation, who cannot be held in reserve under the certain geography. The myths against the Muslims that has evolved years ago; Islamic Terrorism, extremism and militarization had made it true in a certain aspects like the actions of different militant groups being involved in terrorist attacks that are threatening the peace of the world or specific regions especially in Asia and in middle east. In addition to, more prominently the blowout of Islamophobia all across the globe has added the fuel in the burning fire. It becomes easier to brush the legitimate authority and rights of certain Muslim nations, states and communities all across the world by the several powers. Fissure amongst the Muslims is not new to this world, it has deep rooted in the history of Muslims just before the holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH death. For now as the world has therefore globalized so much and where new world order demands to some degree poles apart then the past experiences or that may suites to the interests of big power who controls the world. For being as influencer or as Top-dog in intra-state social, political, economic and even in cultural life of the inhabitants of that particular state greatly. In the contemporary world we have an immense case in point of Muslim rift in silhouette of Iran-Saudi Arabia rivalry, and Saudia-Turkey clash of interests in different Socio-Economic and political sectors. Whereas the Saudi assistance to Israel in achieving his goals for the future planning’s had marked a new divide in between Saudi’s relations with Pakistan and the others who are against of being normalizing relations with Israel. Like Saudi’s Mega city project- “NEOM”, “A gate Way to the mission of Greater Israel and most importantly for his future planning’s against Muslims. As this project is going to be so much technologically and scientifically cutting-edge which is expected to be the world’s most advanced city. Where Saudi Arabia is getting assistance form anti Islam states like Israel is investing in different sectors and also there are some other states like India- whose policies are always against Muslims inside out the country. However Gulf States have had the robust relations with India and also with the western world. It is to be noted that, the Arab emirates are on the same pattern for many years because Indhuge investments on the different sectors. Last year it was estimated that Indians surpassed the investors’ list in Dubai’s real estate sector and they are the topmost in blockbusting billionaires of UAE. Now schmoozing the Saudia- Turkey’s relations under the aegis of fears. Rise of turkey and after 2023; where turkey would became more powerful economically and military in competing with the Saudi’s reputation for being calling as a leading Muslim country because of its holy cities and also the wealth and oil reservoirs, which had faced a great downfall in prices during this pandemic. Having the ideological and religious and leadership clashes in between the followers of both countries. Muhammad bin Suleiman fears from ottomans ‘and their will to sever and to take a responsibilities of both the holy cities of Makah and Medina. And also fear from the charismatic and visionary leader of turkey Tayyaib Erdogan, who always stood by the Muslims all across the world regardless of what west and big powers will opt relations in future, who talked about the Islamophobic actions of the west, who helped the Muslims in Syria, Gaza. Erdogan’s deeds for Islam and Muslims would might become in the future ‘leader of Muslim world’. As turkey is enhancing its relations with the rest of Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia and many others. So the leaderships of Muslim countries needs to be on one page in the different issues irrespective of their national interests. Islam and safety of Muslims should be their utmost imperative priority. Because Muslims are one nation and they should not divided via boundaries’ because their hearts beats for one another.