Education System in Baluchistan

Bebarg Ameer
Balochistan is facing too many problems in education sector, for example, shortage of teachers, schools, colleges and universities. Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan but it has only 13,000 Schools for its 12.5 million population. According to the reports, 9,838 schools do not have water for drinking and not even toilet facilities. Additionally, the documents show that over 7,900 schools in the province do not have boundary walls, while there are 5,296 schools with only one room and one teacher. In 2019, the government of Baluchistan declared education emergency in the province and implemented Article 25A. The article states: “The state will provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to 16 years in such a manner as may be determined by law”. But still in the end of 2020, the half of the Balochistan children are out of the schools.And further for its higher education, Balochistan has only 8 universities for its whole 12.5 million population. Baluchistan’s youth faces serious problem in seeking higher education. Most of the them can’t go for higher education due to not having universities in their cities.The government of Balochistan is requested to take immediate serious actions to over-haul the education system, so that the students are provided standard and quality education.


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