British Parliament Exposed Indian Atrocities


Naeem Kandwal

Voices are being raised in the Legislative Assemblies of the world against Indian atrocities on unarmed and oppressed Kashmiris. India’s state terrorism is being exposed at every level. British MPs have also spoken out against Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir. In fact, it can be said that the British Parliament has also become the voice of the oppressed Kashmiris. Members of the British Parliament said that Indian troops have detained more than 500,000 Kashmiris. Lockdown in Occupied Kashmir is not for the safety of the people. The worst human rights violations have come to light in Occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris are also being prevented from going to hospitals. Indian soldiers harass Kashmiri women at their doorstep.They are violating the dignity of Kashmiri women. The UK has always spoken out for the protection of women. Freedom of expression is restricted in Occupied Kashmir. Freedom of expression in Kashmir is termed as terrorism. There should be a transparent investigation into the killings in Kashmir. ”Occupied Kashmir is a serious human rights issue. Violence and enforced disappearances are common in occupied Kashmir, but the Western media is silent on it. Tragic incidents of rape and sexual violence are taking place in Occupied Kashmir. We must unite against the atrocities perpetrated on Muslims in occupied Kashmir” said James Daly, a British MP. ” Situation in Occupied Kashmir and Punjab is not an internal matter of India. We reject this point of India. We are not against India but that does not mean that it should not be held responsible for the violations in Kashmir. Human rights are a global issue. India is responsible for the current situation in Occupied Kashmir. To create current situation in Occupied Kashmir, India has changed its law. India is changing the demographics of occupied Kashmir. By changing the demographics, India wants to achieve the desired results through a possible referendum ” John Speller said. ” Thousands of Kashmiris who spoke out for political and human rights have been imprisoned since last year. The people of Occupied Kashmir are not being given the right to a fair trial. This conflict between the two nuclear powers should be a cause for concern” Conservative Party’s Sarah Bertie Claire said. ” between 2015 and 2020, Britain sold 50 billion pounds worth of arms to India. India will use these weapons to kill Kashmiris. Boris Johnson postponed his visit to India, but will he stop selling arms? International organizations, governments and leaders must stop India from genociding Kashmiris. This is a time of peace, if we do nothing, history will not forgive us” Naz Shah, a member of the Labor Party said. ” India does not allow any foreign journalist to visit Kashmir. More than 300 Kashmiris have been killed since the repeal of Article 370. The UNHR should find out the facts by gaining access to occupied Kashmir ” Ruby Moore said ” right of self-determination is a fundamental human right. Our ministers should raise this issue with Indian ministers” Paul Barstow said. ” India detained 144 Kashmiri children. According to the UN report, no investigation has been carried out into the detention of the children. According to the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce, a loss of 204 billion was incurred in the first three months of the repeal of Article 370. Religious freedom is being violated in occupied Kashmir” Jim Shannon Said. ” Kashmir is the most unresolved issue. More than 95,000 Kashmiris have been killed in the last 30 years. We abide by the UN resolutions on the Kashmir issue” Stephen Kenook said. India’s atrocities are being exposed globally. The day not far when Kashmir will be free and India will come to an end. The downfall of the oppressor is certain. India has crossed all the boundaries of oppression and injustice in Kashmir. ” System of disbelief can work but system of injustice cannot.” Hazrat Ali a.s said.


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