Text Messages

Dostain Baluch Sajidi
Today, the science is very advanced that everything is done in just single tap of a finger. The most useful device is smartphone, though which everything is almost possible such as video calling, playing games or hacking. The one thing that irritates everyone, is receiving messages from the company of the SIM. To begin with, a small thing which is inserted in the cellphone, that is called SIM; is used for texting or calling someone. But, the messages which are received from the company of the SIM, are very irritating. Most of the people have called the company, that do not send messages which are useless. This is unfortunate that, I have not called the company. That’s why I receive almost 20 to 30 messages daily. I myself is very annoy because of receiving messages. This is requested to the company that send important messages, which we need to know. Do  not send those messages which are irrelevant or sending the same message 3 to 4 times is not good.

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