School children’s weight bags


Iqbal Hussain Iqbal
I am a school teacher. I am amazed to see the heavy bags of primary school children who come to school every day. Because most of the children’s bags weigh more than their own weight. Weighing bags are carried on their weak shoulders. There is a clear effect of disgust on their innocent faces. Why is that? When a child arrives at school with a heavy bag, fatigue prevails. Drowsiness ensues. How can he maintain interest? And he refuses to go to school the next day. This also causes trouble to the parents. International experts say that heavy bags not only affect the body of children but also their minds are heavy. Growth stops. They suffer from diseases other than neck, spinal cord and shoulder pain. The risk also increases. This has a direct effect on education,according to a report in which a doctor said that fifty children come to him every day with severe back pain. Regarding weight loss in student bags, experts say that children should only take specific books to school according to their daily working hours. Students should be given minimal homework or lockers should be made in schools. Where children can keep extra books safely.In December last year, a regular bill was introduced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to determine the weight of school bags. It has been named as “School Bags Limitation of Weight Bill 2020”. The weight of the bag has been fixed at 1.5 kg for the grade Nursery, 2.4 for the first grade, 2.6 for the second grade, 3 for the third grade, 6 for the tenth grade and 7 kg for the high school students. The government should emphasize the policy of reducing the quality of books and encourage education to be more creative. This work should start with the syllabus. One or two books and some stationery should be enough for the beginning age. Let time be spent in activities that enhance sports and creativity. So that children can go to school happily with memorization. When we understand this, our talented children will start showing the essence of their abilities.