Promotion of tolerance to ensure peaceful co-existence stressed



By Rafiullah Mandokhail


ZHOB: Speakers at a one-day seminar stressed on the importance of religious harmony for creating tolerance in society and to ensure peaceful co-existence. The seminar was presided over by Professor Abdullah Shakir that was organized by Imperial Public Library. DEO Sherani Sheikh Musa Khan Mandokhail, Ex-DDO Payo Muhammad Mandokhail, Assistant Director NCHD A. Razzaq Kakar, lecturer BUITEMS Sydal Khan Mandokhail, lecturers Muhammad Hussain Hunarmal, Ayaz Babar, Allowullah Kakar, Basharat Mandokhail, senior politician Abdul Khan Wiyalawal, journalist Rafiullah Mandokhail, Adam Kibzai of Zhob Times, students and people from different walks of life attended the seminar. Religious tolerance, forest conservation and promotion of agriculture and importance of book reading were highlighted during the seminar. Political activist Ali Sherani lamented intolerance in society and termed it the main cause behind the chaos and unrest in society. He said, unrest leads to social evils that affect the economy, civilization and other entities.

“The Khudai Khidmatgar movement played a significant role to create tolerance in society. Islam has also emphasized the religious tolerance,” he said.

Mufti Sami Mandokhail said that religious tolerance means that every human being has the right to lead a dignified life. Religious tolerance in the West is divided into four parts; freedom, equality, development and tolerance.

“Everyone in society, including religious scholars and teachers, must play their key role to ensure religious tolerance,” he emphasized.

Highlighting the importance of forests and tree plantation, Agriculture official Muhammad Akram Sherani said that an agricultural research program has been initiated in Zhob. Field Day will also be organized every month to facilitate the farmers, in which the farmers will be guided about proper and suitable cultivation. Steps have also been taken to protect the pomegranate and grapes orchards.

“The climate of Zhob and Sherani is suitable for olive cultivation. There is a need for promotion of tunnel farming and land leveling. An olive oil extraction plant has been set up and hundreds of liters of oil has been extracted so far,” he said.

Highlighting the importance of reading books, senior official Payo Muhammad Mandokhail urged the students to concentrate and focus on books reading.

Addressing the seminar, professor Abdullah Shakir said that it was commendable to provide opportunity for the promotion of book study culture and educational activities. Keeping in mind the current scenario, religious harmony has become indispensable for the eradication of unrest.

“Islam has also taught the formation of a society free from prejudice and based on non-violence.

“Artificial war has been imposed on the region. In order to get rid of menace, the educated segment of society has to play its vital role,” he said.

Prof. Sydal Khan Mandokhail in his concluding remarks said that, the relationship between teacher and student and between parent and child in our society is based on fear and apprehension. Parents and teachers should keep their relationship with their children friendly in view of the needs of modern era.

Meanwhile, the library administration distributed free textbooks among the needy and orphan children so that they could benefit from the books during the winter vacations. Participants thanked the organizers Shehzad, Mansoor Khan, Zubair and Murad for holding seminar.