Online or Face to Face Classes


Muhammad Samiu Chandio
The 1st wave of Covid-19 lasted for seven months that we were compelled to study through online classes. Face to face study is far better than virtual learning as there were many issues like we couldn’t participate properly because of internet issues or power failure of either teachers or ours and audio or video problems however, in face to face study at school, we understand everything because teachers and students were often in front of each other. During September to November 2020,schools were reopenedfor physical classes which had greater impact on students’  learning outcomes. Once again, we have been deprived of the physical classes since November 2020 to date. Attending online classes while sitting at home isso boring, isn’t it? We are fed up of taking online classes. We just remember our school time, being taught by our loving teachers and having fun with friends. Thank God that government has decided to re-open the school from 18th January, 2021. Everyone seems to be happy and planning to go to school by following SOP’s.