History, a Miracle


The world history is full of countless upbringings brought by the authoritative nations with the passage of time. These confusing changes have caused endless challenges for the modern world. Now it has become simultaneously tough to easily figure out the actual truth. Hence, things are mixed up in such a way; common people pass their whole life before getting familiar with the factuality. This had happened because of the spirit of power and dominance over the other nations. Resultantly, the authoritarian deluded their people to fight wars for them. In this regard, religion had been always the greatest equipment to persuade the people for fighting. However, they were used to fight for their religions on the name of jihad. The eagerness of getting placed into paradise made them as much committed that there was hardly any fear of being assassinated. If a war was lost or won, in either way it was a victory for common persons. Therefore, they were extremely determined on the battlefields. After all, if the war was lost, they were supposed to be placed into paradise or in case if it was won, they would have gotten the goods of enemies. So, these battles were not continuously won by a single group of fighters. Similarly, any group having dominance usually struggled to scribble the history in their favor. Every group described themselves superior and the other ones inferior to them in the pages of history. Today that is why every class believes to be worthier than the other. As living in an Islamic world and having our own historian we have attained so many irrelevant and false information. Like the days of mogul rule in subcontinent are portrayed in a way while reading those days, a person would wish the gone days to come again immediately. To be frank, though the Moguls were by name Muslims, instead none of their performances showed any sign of Islam. They were heavy drinkers, kept so many women for sexual intercourse, and killed one another for attaining power. Shah Jahan who built Tajmehl on the name of his wife Mumtaz Mehl, after her death, Shah Jahan conducted forbidden relations with his seventeen years old beautiful, tall and stunning daughter Jahanara. On the other hand, when Babar was fighting the wars of Panipat, once after fighting two wars his soldiers refused to enter into the battlefield: Babar consulted his guru Obaidullah who suggested him to persuade the soldiers that he was fighting a jihad. The next morning when Babar begins to break all bottles of wines kept in his residency, soldiers asked him the reason, he announced to have become a true and sincere Muslim, and the war that he had initiated was a jihad. The announcement once again energized the soldiers to partake in the war. So, what I mean to emphasis, we are never told of their faults or ill behaviors. Undoubtedly, there were good deeds performed by Moguls, but the essential thing that requires consideration, people shall be shown both side of the picture. Actually, the misconceptions and wrong believes prevent the nations from developments. Let’s suppose today although going backward the Muslim ummah is pleased to illustrate that though they have gone backward, the European nations reached to the highest possibilities of success by getting influenced from them. Make sure, it is not a fact. Until 10th century everything was going smoothly for Muslims, suddenly the crusade (holy war) took place which in actual sense was never ever a holy war. But, obviously the authoritarian could not have told the soldiers, they are being    are being sacrificed for gaining power and economy. As said that, “necessity is the mother of invention”, likewise Europe became compelled by the responses of Muslims to work tirelessly. Because when Muslim won the crusade war against them, the Silk Road went to their own hand. By that time Europe was weaker than the Islamic world. They were not allowed to trade or purchase anything directly from Asia. Everything was sold to them in so much high price due to which it became next to impossible for Europeans to survive. Resultantly, they begin doing geographical discoveries. Columbus discovered America in 1492, while Wasco De Gama discovered India in 1498 through the sea root. From there on word there gradual development begins, and again they never looked back. Honestly, knowing the truth could in one way or other help in improvement. Until and unless a nation has acknowledged and recognized their mistakes, there is no room for development. Europe has also been once in darkness, but they had known their existing position because of which they could have thought of improvement. To mean it the Muslim world will have to look for their initial mistakes, and undertake to come out of those. Otherwise, the other option is to live in the world of fantasy.

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