Fighting the virus


The carelessness of the government and PDM during the covid-19 situation is criticizable. The country has come at a position where it is enduring the second wave of the pandemic and still everyone acts inadvertently. Instead of standing together and fighting the virus the government and opposition is busy fighting with eachother. Everyday the opposition conducts gatherings, rallies without yielding sops and obtaining other measures to stay away from coronavirus. However, the rallies and marching has ruined the social distancing too. PDM marches everyday for it’s own means without taking care of people in rallies being effected by corona. Previously, due to the same carelessness, the country is in the trap of the second wave which is more lethal than the first wave one. As a democratic country, the leaders should first think about the welfare and safety of the public from the pandemic. Thus, it’s not the time for government and opposition to fight with each other but to stand united and fight the virus.