Role of Education in nations development

Safdar Ali Channa
Education is a backbone for the development of any nation in the history We cantake example from few successful countries like Japan, Russia, China, Amrica,France, and United Kingdom These Nations are successful because they hadworked for the betterment of Education so they worked day and night for the education as well as they worked together in the their own countries for the development of Nation, They are successful due to its educational system as well as great efforts of their scholars, in the history japan is the example for those countries who want to develop  their country with the help of education history is witness that Japan become destroyed in the past decades but they didn’t lost their courage and they demanded to other countries that they don’t want their food, shelter, or anything the only one thing they want that was a good teacher they had demanded from the countries that they want teacher’s for the development of their country so they had worked for the education along with teacher’s and scholars and they had Proved in the world that Every nation developed by the power of education & teacher’s and in the world those nations were successful which were worked for the education there is famous quote ‘If you want to destroy any nation then deprived them from education as a result they will fight with each other and then they will automatically destroy thereself’. We can learn a lot of lesson from that quotation which is regarding the importance of education so education is a change agent for the every country in the world. Education has a power to change the world completely and Education can develop the nation as well as nations future depending upon education, developed countries are going to introduce day by day new techniques for the betterment of educational system they are working to provide better educational system to their children’s so that they can build their country with the power of education. Only better education gives you bright future so world is going to increases the ratio of educational institutions and developed countries are Continuously working for the education. Education create awareness among the people’s of the country as well as education build social contact within the youth of the country and education gives platform to the youth of the country so that they can work together for the development of the country.Every Nations want to develop but only those nations become develop in which educational system is good, also government should work along with the people’s of their own country for the development. Education has power to invent/ create the new technologies for the help of the future generation. Education gives a good future to the country and education developed many countries in the world. Education creates leaders in the nations and those leaders become the bright future for country and time to time they lead their country and represent their country as a leader so it is all possible due to educational system, In the world every nation want to develop but only those nations become successful which have the power of leadership. A good educational system gives you good environment where you can survive/ live with Peace, brotherhood, Equality and Justice. Education brings awareness in the country and saves the people of the country from ignorance and quarrels.

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