Judicial Inquiry report of Osama Murder realse


Islambad,(Parliament Times): Judicial Inquiry report of Osama murder case has realsed here on Wednesday.
Report has revealed that the police opened fire on Osama for the purpose of Murder. The firing was carried out by four officers instead of One. The report further examined that the incident was protryed as a robbery to cover up the case, which also involved police personnel who arrived on the scene. The report of the Judicial Inquiry Commission further said that 22 bullets were fired at Osama, 18 of which hit his body, after which he was placed on the road.
Report further stated that wrong location was also provided to Rescue 1122 and at the same time the matter was kept hidden for four hours in which senior officers were also involved.
To keep the incident out of the spotlight, the main highway was cordoned off with police vehicles on all sides and attempts were made to destroy the evidence , a report also examined.