How can we stop violence?


The violences in modern Pakistan continues to agree the public very much. There are violences against families, citizens, people from the all over Pakistan. Pakistan’s population is terribly increasing. Many nations exists here. As we can see, there are protests, rallies, and gatherings . The main aim is to grant them justice. But they are finally rejected and there will be bloodshed and violences. Due to these increased violences there is no peace. Especially in Balochistan, violences are openly done. There is firings and violating the all rules. So we feel fed up from communities who are involved in creating violences. The violences are becoming common in every societies. These fights occur due to lands occupation and especially to divide the wealths. Due to such things, people are killed and there is such greee spread in them. The authorities should focus on this matter very well. We can no more bear any fights.