Becoming exposed by rulers repeatedly is outcome of my 24 years long struggle against corruption: PM

ISLAMABAD:    Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said becoming exposed by rulers repeatedly is ourcome of his 24 years long struglle against corruption.

He held that Broadsheet revelations have now exposed the corruption and money laundering of our ruling elites after Panama papers.

In his twitter he said In a tweet on Wednesday, he said these elites cannot hide behind “victimization” card on these international revelations.
He said these revelations are tip of the iceberg.
The Prime Minister said we want complete transparency from Broadsheet on our elites’ money laundering and on who stopped the investigations

He held this ruling elite came in the government and devastated the country; The elite indulged in money laundering to set up illegal assets abroad and decalred them above country law;. Later they exercised their political influence and took help from NRO. This way they made the looted money secure. They caused tremendous financial loss to the people.

He went on to say they not only plundered national wealth but also wasted through NRO the tax payers money.

These revelations are beginning. We want complete and transparent inquity into involvment of ruling elite in money laundering by Broadsheet. We also want that they shoiuld tell us who had stopped from conducgting inquiry against them.

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