Proliferating number of accidents in kech

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Sahti kahoor
Kech is a big district where the number of accidents is proliferating day by day. Owing to which many people are facing the axe and many gave up    the ghost.owing to not following the traffic rules. There is no traffic police present to take punitive measures against those who are under the influences and drive fast and needless of consequences. Before some days a big accident occurred near a village in kech where the car was drove fast by someone and hit a young man namely Amean who breath his last at the time. Not only this many big accidents also occurred in Turbat which is a big city where owing to driving fast many young people lost their lives. No one takes it seriously even the traffic police also. It is a very serious problem in kech. I request the local government with my heart and soul to take punitive measures against this issue and castigate those who don’t follow the traffic rules.

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