Ethnic cleansing of Hazra Community

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Bilal Ismail DarmkhaiL
Different opinions about origin of Hazara Community,word Hazara was counting mechanism in arm forces of Changaiz Khan, basically Hazra is derived from “Ozala or Hosal.” Hazara Community also traces their origin in Mangols and considers themselves the descendants of Changaiz Khan. This community migrated from Afghanistan to Bolachistan about 150 years ago and settled here. Mass migration of Hazara population in Bolachistan took place in late 19th century during the persecution during the regime of king Abdu Rehman.In past 3 decades above 2 thousand Hazras have been killed by Taliban in Afghanistan . After 9/11 religious extremist and terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan have joined hands to destabilise this region. Lashkar Jhangvi one of the terrorist group has openly targeted Shias including Hazras.Due to the Hazra killing they migrated different region of Pakistan. State had deployed arm forces for their protection and did thousands of operation to break the back bone of terrorist like Zarb Azab and Radul Fasadh operation. According to the National commission for Human rights Pakistan their are muntiple factors behind Hazra Kiliing. Most member views that their prescution is not just sectarian,their are other Shias groups are living peacefully in Dera Muradabad and Jafarabad in Bolachistan which give the wait these killing are not religious target. Some people associated with socio economic prosperity which Hazra enjoys such as trade,sports, education and main markets in the hub of the city and progress rapidly in Bolachistan that’s why the land Mafia could be involve in their killing. Some Hazars respondent think that their own community members are involved for their killing. Non Hazras respondents also endorsed their views.Many people think that it’s sectarian issue,Hazra are affiliated to Shia sect and consequently to present day Iran, a declared Shia state.According to Human Rights Watch “the ideological and diplomatic clash between Sunni (Saudis)and Shia (Iran) manifest it self a proxy war among these two sects.”Home and tribal Affairs department of Bolachistan told to NCHR those terrorists infiltrating from Afghanistan and involved in Hazara Killing, terrorist hire native people for their purpose. These all factors boost terrorism in Pakistan. It’s responsibility of state to provide security and protection to its citizens. Every one has right to participate in political process of state enjoying freedom of faith and cultural life. Article -36 of Constitution of Pakistan provide a complete protection of minorities.

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