Banking Awards

The 5th Pakistan Banking Awards Ceremony of the calendar year 2020 was held on Friday in Karachi. Each bank was awarded the specific categorial awards based on their performances in the year 2020. Surprisingly, the bank which runs the least number of advertisements on media compared to other banks won the best award for being Best Bank across the country. Yes, Meezan Bank of Pakistan succeeded in getting the best award for best bank. Besides Meezan Bank, Khushhali Microfinance Bank won award for best microfinance bank, National Bank of Pakistan for best bank for agriculture, United Bank Limited for best digital banking, Faysal Bank for best emerging bank, Karandaaz and Akhuwat successfully got most winning innovative business award. Meanwhile, Habib Bank Limited meritoriously won 3 awards for being best bank for Small and Medium businesses, Best Customer Franchise and Best Bank for Investment. Addressing the participants, Governor of State Bank Of Pakistan Dr. Reza Baqir after congratulating the winners, praised the improvements occurring in the performances of State Bank Of Pakistan including other banks. He said that owing to the covid-19 challenges, all the banking institutions worked associatively and successfully improved the economy of Pakistan. What kind of improvement has been born in Pakistan? The country is struggling hard to recover from economic decline and this fact is known by every child of this state. If talking about Sindh, the province is shortening jobs and employment opportunities for the young generation, What has been so called improved economy doing in the province? No one can answer. Banks are the bedrocks of a country’s prosperity and happiness. Such winners had only succeeded in growing GDP of Pakistan, but unfortunately, no employment opportunities coming slowly or rapidly from banks in Sindh. The hope remains only in God. The banks should welcome the employment opportunities without any experience for Masters Students particularly. Experiences required in banking institutions are the biggest hurdles in the way of masters students.

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