Kashmiris should be given their right to self-determination: Chair KC-EU Ali Raza Syed

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Brussels,(Parliament Times): Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU)’s Chairman Mr Ali Raza Syed has urged that people of Jammu and Kashmir should be given their right to self-determination without any further delay. In a statement on occasion of day of right to self-determination, he said, Kashmiris were promised for this right under a UN’s resolution in 1949.
It is important to mentioned that the 5th of January is commemorated every year as the Right to Self-Determination Day for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It was 5th January 1949, when the United Nations Commission on India and Pakistan (UNCIP) adopted the resolution that guarantees a free and fair plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir to enable the Kashmiri people realize their right to self-determination.
Chair of KC-EU said, this commemoration is aimed at reminding the global community that they cannot shy away from their responsibility towards the Kashmiri people. The United Nations must honour its commitments which were made 72 years ago.
He said, people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir are being oppressed by Indian forces for last seven decades but since August 05, 2019, through continuous illegal and more unilateral steps, the Indian government has created further environment of fear and chaos in the Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Ali Raza Syed expressed grave concerns on the ongoing severe situation of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOK) as saying human rights of Kashmiris should be highlighted as much as at international level.

He added, since 5th August 2019, when India illegally merged Jammu and Kashmir into Indian federal territories, atrocities committed by the Indian forces have been increased in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, especially Indian authorities have sacked the basic citizen’ rights of Kashmiris and the Indian forces are currently involved the crimes against the humanity under the garb of constant military lock down and corona virus.
He said, the extrajudicial killing of Kashmiris especially peaceful protesters is a routine matter, no one is safe and Indian authorities are frequently committing war crimes.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said that unfortunately violence and human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir are rapidly continued; murder, rape, disappearances, torture, the use of guns by the Indian authorities and lack of freedom of speech and restriction on peaceful protest is a matter of every day in the occupied territory, he pointed out. Mr Ali Raza Syed urged the International Community to take immediate and serious notice of worse situation in the occupied land and as well as pressurize India that right to self-determination should be given to the people of Jammu and Kashmir without any further delay.

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