Kabul Incident

Regrettably, another heart wrenching incident of young girls and boys being sexually abused by Indians, and making of their nude videos, has come to the highlights of the media again. According to the news, the Indian tourist Deep Desai raped a 15-year-old Afghan girl in Kabul, which is unbearable for a country in terms of tourism aspects. Yesterday, Afghan police have confirmed that Indian tourist Deep Desai committed that heinous crime on Deep Desai and threatened an Afghan girl. The girl did not tell the family about the incident. The Indian tourist shared the video on a social networking site which went viral, a case was registered, teams of four police stations were formed, one accused was arrested, according to Afghan Superintendent of Police Rashid, Indian tourist Deep Desai has been arrested. Police teams are searching for other suspects, all involved are adults, and are taking steps to restrict the video from being advertised online. Afghan media have revealed that this is not the first time that Indians have been found involved in the rape of an Afghan girl in Afghanistan. Indian Defense Brigadier SK Narain also had raped an Afghan girl. The defense  posted at the Indian embassy was later deported. According to the sources, The Afghan girl had applied to the embassy for a scholarship. The brutal Indian defense Brigadier Narain, had raped the girl at that embassy. The Afghan government expelled the Indian defense but did not prosecute the crime. Three weeks ago, three Indian soldiers wrecked the honor of their own country on a moving train. Indian forces are also targeting women in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Army and UN peacekeeping missions have also been involved in sexual assaults. Keeping in mind, India has become a hell for foreign women tourists, many foreign women have been sexually abused by Indian nationals, the Indian capital New Delhi tops the list of global rape cases.

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