Save Lives Not Politics

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Everywhere, Covid-19 pandemic, Political instability, Protests against injustices, No proper supply of living needs. The Government is fully drowned in debts. What is ahead of 2021? Or, What is going to be in this “Year of progress and growth”? Who said it? Prime Minister Imran Khan. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, where super power countries lost Economic Stability, What is Pakistan then? The instant formulation of PDM, PDM’s JALSAS and then losses of economy and national places onwards, Can Pakistan afford it? No. Such protests against the incumbent government are only a threat to the economy, by doing long marches, by protesting everywhere, by launching conferences against the selected government, Are not they worsening both the atmosphere and the peace in the region? Can Pakistan afford it? No. In a refreshing bit of news, it looks as if the federal government has taken a fresh start to pay back loans and debts to several private forums. One can hope that such a realistic approach vows to save the bedrock of the country____Economy. But, is it not fair to work together and run through “Work and Let Work” policy? One who is selected by the PM is ousted by the CM. What shall happen to the consistency of the country? The public itself is crying over the job opportunities and the government leaving no stone unturned to make sure that whatever there are huge opportunities but few will be getting successful. What lessons are to be carried into this calendar? Life Goes On. Come what may, the lives are the sole responsibility of the owners not politicians. 2020 saw uncountable suicides of the young generation, rape cases of innocent girls, and kidnapping of adults. What happened then? Everyone forgot, even the protesters. But, who is regularly missing those lives? Their family members and friends. Yes, 2020 was really bad at predicting good for 2021, but hopes to God should always remain the same.

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