Nothing without patience

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Fida Ahmed;

Hamid was an intelligent and a rational student of his class who was a passionate of reading books. He was not only the best of his class rather the topper of school.Hamid competed with national and international students by his hard work and urge and he proved himself,the ace in the school. But unfortunately he was wretchdely victimized of a big weakness that was absence of patience and bear which wracked his day the teacher came in the class and announced that there would be an anthem competition on fourteenth August.this competition was particularly for school students and approximately,there were five selected candidates for this competition and Hamid was one of them. During the preparation of anthem competition,Hamid became busy in hospital as his father was affected by malaria and admitted at hospital. Because of this complicated accident Hamid couldn’t prepare. After some days there was a rehearsal at school while the judges have to select three candidates among fives. It was the second day before competition and all of the students have delivered the anthem and judges announced the result. Three candidates among fives have been selected and Hamid and Abbas were rejected. By seeing this Hamid became badly depressed and he couldn’t tolerate this instant and went away there. Hamid kept zero patience to bear hi rejection and he became mentally ill. He was always in process of thinking about the worst event of his life. And slowly slowly he became deprived from reading life. After a period of time Hamid gave up and left his reading. Hamid couldn’t tolerate in order to proceed his reading further,and this was the most concrete event for him as he was mentally disabled and getting deprived from reading life.If Hamid kept patience and if he handled this situation so he couldn’t left his reading.

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