Pak-Afghan Timeline


Pakistan-Afghanistan, two important neighbors living in South Asia, share historical, geographical, linguistic, ethnic and religious affiliations. Although, the relationships between the two countries began in 1947, when Pakistan became an independent country. But, on September 30, 1947, Afghanistan became the only country in the world to vote against Pakistan’s membership in the United Nations. This factor not only became a part of timeline, but also is taught in Pakistan’s syllabus for the purpose of educational information. Keeping in mind, First, Kabul claimed that it did not recognize the Durand Line (Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan) and that areas inhabited by Pashtuns (including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the tribal areas and a large part of Balochistan) were part of Afghanistan. And there have been many movements by Afghans to include these areas in Afghanistan, most notably the Pashtunistan movement. But, Pakistan categorically denied that these areas can not belong to anyone other than Pakistan. Tension between them, especially up to the Hamid Karzai government, Afghanistan believes that Pakistan played a role in imposing war on Afghanistan. And the third objection raised by Pakistan is that Afghanistan’s relations with India are not right for Pakistan. Pakistan also says that India has always sponsored Afghan territory against Pakistan. Noting, India, Afghan Taliban, Pakistani Taliban and Baloch militants are considered to be the main reasons for the deterioration of relations between the two countries. Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of supporting the Afghan Taliban, while Pakistan blames Afghanistan for all Tehreek-e-Taliban attacks and says India is using Afghan territory against Pakistan through the Pakistani Taliban and Baloch militants. For all such reasons, relationships have always been affected. Since the Ashraf Ghani government came to power, relations between the two countries have changed significantly and tensions have largely subsided. In addition, due to improved relations, Pakistan has signed agreements with Afghanistan in a number of areas, including trade, economy and telecommunications cooperation. Almost every terrorist incident in the two countries has been blamed on each other for using their territory. Recently, both countries have shown eager interests in boosting regional integration through trade. Afghanistan now wants to export its goods to the South Asian market via Pakistan for connecting regional economy and trade. Let’s see, what happens next!


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