Quaid -e- Azam is a role model for greater travail efforts: Khalid Nawaz

Rawalpindi ,  (Parliament Times) :   “His was a soul that thirsted for service in a body that be worn out over work and ill-health” this short sentence of G. Allana is enough to present the character of our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Jinnah and this should be the role model for every Pakistani, said Khalid Nawaz, chief executive officer of Knight Human Management (KHM) SHALAAN Pakistan, an organization that protects the rights and jobs of overseas Pakistanis.

He was addressing to the participant students of different skills in a special ceremony to pay tributes to the Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah with regards to Quaid Day. The ceremony was arranged by the students here in KHM office on Sunday.

He said the personality and character of Quaid and Iqbal are a special blessing of Allah the Almighty upon us, in whose practical struggle and intellectual guidance He gifted us with our independent home land. “It is imperative for the youth to study the roles and thoughts of these two personalities in depth and try to imitate them”, he advised the students. He further said that Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah believed in continuous and rigorous struggle and by following it, in a short span of ten years’ time, he paved the way for the establishment of Pakistan by steadfastly combating all the wisdom, cunning, greed, bullying and rigging of the British and the Hindus.

He asked the students to pay homage to their great leader they should pledge to follow his instructions in which the Quaid taught his youth the lesson of perseverance and full dedication to their work. “Keeping in view the same spirit, KHM has started the technical and professional training courses for youth in its school of arts and design and Masterminds taxation, audit and accounts in line with modern requirements”, he said adding that students can start their successful career by learning these skills and thus be able to contribute in development and advancement of the country.

If we work honestly and diligently in our respective fields, there is no reason why Pakistan could not move from the ranks of developing countries to the ranks of developed nations, he mentioned. He stated that in terms of intellectual and creative abilities, our young generation is no less than the youth of the world but there is an urgent need to facilitate them with opportunities to express and develop their talent. Keeping in view this need, KHM has begun its efforts to equip youth with the latest technologies and professional skills. Khalid further mentioned that our trained workers are not only earning decent jobs in more than 17 countries of the world but also playing their role in improving the national economy as well as earning a good name for themselves and their country through their honesty and diligence. He said that while modern technologies have created innumerable conveniences to make life easier and create new employment opportunities, it has also caused many problems. “Our youth must walk away from these negative values of technology and focus on the good and the beneficial aspects”, he concluded.

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