Our Martyrs Our Pride

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Naeem Kandwal
Seven F.C. Personnel embraced martyrdom in a terrorist attack in Harnai area of Balochistan. According to ISPR, terrorists attacked a check post of Frontier Corps Balochistan in Sharig Harnai Balochistan. During intense exchange of fire, the brave F.C. Soldiers embraced martyrdom while repulsing raiding terrorists. The martyrs include Naeb Subidar Gulzar, Sepoy Faisal, and Sepoy Abdul Wakeel. Sepoy Sher Zaman, Sepoy Jamal, Abdul Rauf and Faqeer Muhammad are also among the martyrs. The ISPR statement said, such cowardly acts by inimical elements backed by anti state forces will not be allowed to sabotage hard earned peace and prosperity in Balochistan. It said, the Security Forces are determined to thwart enemies’ nefarious designs at all costs. President Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and others have strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the FC post and condoled with the families of soldiers who embraced martyrdom. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said he was saddened to hear seven brave soldiers’ martyrdom as a result of a terrorist attack on an FC post in Harnai, Balochistan. He noted that the nation stood with the courageous soldiers, who faced attacks from the Indian backed terrorists. Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad also strongly condemned the terrorist attack on an FC check-post in Balochistan. The minister expressed deep grief and sorrow over the martyrdom of FC officials in the terrorist attack, said a statement issued here. He said the FC officials valiantly faced the terrorists, adding that such anti-state elements would be dealt with iron hands. He said the terrorists could not deter the courage of our forces through such cowardly acts. The blood of our martyred personnel would not go waste, he added. Four military personnel were martyred when a Pakistan Army Aviation helicopter crashed during a casualty evacuation in the Minimarg area of Astore district in Gilgit-Baltistan on Saturday evening.The officers and soldiers who embraced martyrdom were identified as Pilot Major M. Hussain, Co Pilot Maj Ayaz Hussain, Naik Inzimam Alam and Sepoy Muhammad Farooq. The Pakistan Army has a long history of sacrifices against terrorism. The whole world appreciates the sacrifices of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan has one of the strongest military forces in the world. Pak Army has played a key role not only in South Asian affairs but all over the world. The role of Pakistan Army in world peace is highly commendable. International organizations and world powers appreciate the performance of the Pakistan Army. “The heroes of the world community are not those who withdraw when difficulties ensue, not those who can envision neither the prospects of success nor the consequences of failure — but those who stand the heat of battle, the fight for world peace through the United Nations.” Pakistan Army is playing the role of a Hero for world peace. India’s fascism has been globally exposed once again. India has been the main sponsor of terrorism in Pakistan over the decades. Pakistan’s Ambassador Munir Akram has handed over the dossier on Indian state-sponsored terrorism to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. This month, the EU DisinfoLab published its latest report, titled “Indian Chronicles”, which describes an Indian disinformation network operating since 2005 to discredit nations in conflict with Delhi, particularly Pakistan. The network aims to reinforce pro-Indian and anti-Pakistan (and anti-Chinese) feelings in India. Internationally, the network is working to consolidate the power and improve the image of India and damage reputation of rival countries so that ultimately India may benefit from more support from international institutions such as the European    Union and the United Nations.To do so, the network used fake personas of a dead human rights activist and journalists, and also tried to impersonate regular media and press agencies such as the EU Observer, the Economist and Voice of America. Overall, an entire network of over 500 fake local media outlets in 95 countries helped reproduce negative iterations about Pakistan (or China). In total, the operation has covered 116 countries and nine regions. Pakistan is a peace loving nuclear power democratic state. It fully understands her international responsibilities and never lacks behind in fulfilling them. Its armed forces and citizens are highly professional and second to none. They are fully capable of safeguarding their motherland. Besides defending their own frontiers, they are the world leaders in UN led Peacekeeping efforts. Their performance in these missions has been excellent and recognised internationally. Their overwhelming participation and sacrifices in UN Peacekeeping operations are not for any worldly gains or verbal appreciation. These brave soldiers rather, have a strong conviction that no one can live today until he has done something for someone who can never pay back. They have an unruffled resolve to save humanity even at the cost of own lives. Pakistan is a peace-loving country. From 1947 till now, whether in traditional war or in operations against terrorists, our martyrs offered sacrifices and ensured the safety of the country. Martyrs are our pride. Our soldiers stood like a rock wall in the war against terrorists and foiled the nefarious designs of the enemy. They sacrificed their today for our better tomorrow. Our Soldiers are our Heroes. We salute our heroes and pay tribute to their sacrifices.

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