Need proper Gas Supply to SITE industries: Riaz Uddin


KARACHI: Riaz Uddin, Senior Vice President, Site Association of Industry, has strongly condemned the non-supply of gas with the required pressure to the industries of SITE area and demanded from the government to ensure gas supply at full pressure to industries as promised in various meetings with the industrialists. Otherwise timely shipment of export orders will not be possible due to which there are fears of cancellation of foreign orders.

In an appeal to government, Riaz Uddin said that before the onset of winter, several meetings with the industrialists at the government level, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, had promised that if the industrialists agreed to get gas at a higher tariff than usual, they would be given uninterrupted gas as per production demand. But unfortunately, despite the higher tariff, the promise of gas supply at full pressure to industries has not been fulfilled.

“Production activities were being severely affected due to non-availability of gas to the industries of the SITE. The gas pressure has been zero since Thursday, making it impossible for industries to run”, he pointed out.

SVP further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan on the one hand seeks the cooperation of the industrialists for the promotion of industries and increase in the country’s exports, on the other hand neither gas nor electricity is supplied to the industries as per requirement.

In such a situation, neither industries will run nor exports will increase, if production activities continue to be disrupted then industrialists would be forced to shut down the factories.

Riaz Uddin demanded the government uninterrupted and full pressure supply of gas to industries in the best economic interest of the country and said that issue strict directives should be issued to SSGC in this regard, as disrupting industrial production activities is against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of promoting industries and country’s exports.

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