How to finish corruption in Pakistan?


Corruption is one of the biggest issue practiced Throughout the world. It has influenced a vary large number of nations worldwide and Pakistan is one of the most affected nation among them. Hence, the “corruption” has been defined in numerous ways by everyone own understanding of it but what I though and chosen to be the best one by my own point of view is, simply the meant of adopting unfair means to achieve something illegally. It refers to the dishonesty of the working people in each institution of the country that they perform such actions to benefit personally themselves in spite of developing that sector of the state. It’s an epidemic globally, spreaded corner to corner of the world. However, it’s an alarming problem in Pakistan. In 2018, it was ranked through the corruption perception index reported by the international transparency that Pakistan is one of the 117th least corrupt nation out of the 175. According to the corruption perception index reported by international transparency in 2919, Pakistan is the 120 least corrupt nation out of the 180 countries. And it’s excepted that it would increase in upcoming years. The transparency international latest report came in 23 January, 2020 indicated that Pakistan is more corrupt than it was in 2018.Majority of the people are corrupt. Every institution of the state is led by the corrupt people such as education intuitions are one of the most corrupt sectors in Pakistan, healthcare, doctors and nurses are doing business in their hospital including medical stores. Beside these, the corruption is common in sport sectors, in    taxations, in universities in bureaucracy and other departments. Thus, corruption is the main root causes to all crimes, for instance the increase of terrorism, poverty, unemployment, drugs addiction and most importantly decrease in economic growth. Pakistan has been facing this problem since 1947, it came into being. Many institutions were established such national accountibility bureau (NAB), federal invitation agency (FIA) department and various civil and military governance had come and gone but they couldn’t tackle it. Because they themselves were the part of it. In recent years, 2018 the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was alleged to have charges of corruption and therefore court declared him ineligible for life time and numerous such cases are under trial. But the judiciary, such department is not independent. The parliamentarians and cabinets are corrupt. They never want such honest institutes to create obstacles in their way as a result financially Pakistan is suffering. The foreign investors are not investing. Therefore, there is a lack of supply internationally. So, it’s in a slow motion towards developmental strategies.Seventy percent of the total population in Pakistan are living under the line poverty. They don’t have two times food to eat, most of them take the remains foods of the affluent families to feed their children. They don’t have shelter to live, at night they use to sleep on the roads path and while it trains they take shelter under the cover of the shattered shops. 14 millions people are jobless. Majority of the youth are labours in age of 7 to 25. They cannot afford to get education. Consequently, from the very early age they make efforts to support their parents and feed their sister and brothers. Many of them become the victim of frustration and engage themselves to use drugs in order to decrease their tensions as an outcome today Balochistan as an estimation, more than sixty pc youth are drugs addicted. Beside these corruption and unemployment in the presence of inflation led people to suicide. In 2020 it was giving in every news channels and social media that a person suicided, a letter that he had done this because he was compelled due to inflation, ( the rise of price), and couldn’t face his children, sleeping with empty belly. Apart from these, corruption a key cause of terrorism. The global terrorism database (GTD) defines a terrorist attack as “the threatened or actual use of illegal force and violence by a non?state actor to attain a political, economic, religious, or social goal through fear, coercion, or intimidation”.To over all the country, attracts are common everywhere. Wherever, you go the peace is not sustained. Robbery is an ordinary act of people. No one property is save. Recently many indispensable cases were outbreak in Turbat city, and many the families members were killed in their homes by the robbers and after investigation many of the government people were involved in it. After these all, the Police is corrupt knowingly or unknowingly didn’t do anything against them. Except this, police is taking charges of drugs stores, monthly taxes, and illegally allowing the sellers to sale it without any hesitation. Explicitly the police including them is involved in this crime. Day by day the drug educted people at increasing. They have a direct hand to the attracts of robbery, killings, capturing lands of people by pointing guns to their subordinates. Corruption is the root cause of every illegal actions. Pakistan is being extremely affected of this epidemic problem in whole levels required hard  strategy and struggle against it. Because, Pakistan is from the very first day is suffering. Changing the all corrupt system is difficult but not possible. It has to make new policies with the assurance of their implementation. Moreover, everyone needs to change himself first before thinking of a good system as it’s beautifully said that everyone thinks of the world but no one thinks of changing himself, in the same manner it’s the case in our country. First of all, all of us have to be positive to cope the problem instead of thinking for personal beneficiary enjoyment self , we should the of developing the nation, charging the mind set of the people. Thus, everybody must take initiatives steps off starting awareness expeditions through out the country with the help of the government.

(-The writer is a student of law college District Turbat and an English teacher in House of wisdom English language center Shah abad absor Turbat.)


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