Corona virus just for education


Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
Our Quaid said; education is the matter of life and death and today the government takes easily decision for education, the markets, industries, shops, banks, private hospitals, mosques, and commercial markets are open and not following the sops have no instructions and not enforcing them, but Government have only fear of virus in educational activities where every body follow sops more than others. 1. According to the WHO, the chances of getting the virus in children under 12 are about 0. 2. According to the report of UNICEF, children up to the age of five do not even need a mask. 3. According to the UN guidelines, educational institutions should remain open even if it is necessary to lock down. 4.  The number of coronary cases in the United States is currently 600 times higher than in Pakistan, but educational institutions are open. Educational institutions in Finland have not been closed for a single day during the Corona. 5. On the day the decision was taken to close the school again, the total number of cases of Karwana in Pakistan was 2547 while 15450 cases were reported in the UK on the same day but educational institutions are open there despite the lockdown. 6. At the Education Ministers’ Conference, the ministers acknowledged that most of the SOPs were being implemented by educational institutions, so why were only schools closed? 7. When parks, markets, markets, offices are all open, does Karuna only come to educational institutions, after all these people go to these places (God forbid) will not be affected by Karuna and affect the children?
8. At the Education Ministers’ Conference, the four provinces opposed the decision to close educational institutions on the basis of data. At whose signal did the schools close? 9. Government and opposition rallies are currently underway across the country, but only schools have been closed. 10 So far the number of corona cases in Balochistan is 16882. Is any of them a school going student? Is there a single school student among the deaths due to 165 crore in Balochistan? When statistics are the opposite, why are only educational institutions targeted? 11. Due to the closure of schools in March, 300 schools in Balochistan were closed. Schools in Quetta alone are currently in debt of Rs. 245 million in terms of rent. Teachers are in need of non-shabina. If the teacher did not cooperate, then why should the educational institutions bear the consequences of the mistakes of the rulers? 12 At that time, schools in cold regions were to close as usual within 15 days. After all, why was the student year wasted by preventing these institutions from taking exams? 13. Educational institutions around the world have been shut down as a last resort during lockdowns. The first option here is educational institutions and is there an example of a single country in the whole world which has managed to keep all the sectors open and close only the education sector and overcome the crisis? 14. The government itself has allowed gatherings of 300 people in SOPs. Then how will Karuna spread from a class of only 30 students? As we already facing the problem of illetracy and these kind of decisions will decreased the ratio of education in rural and urban areas, and this online system makes no any Keen inside students, it’s totally useless and wastage of time, and no any student give much response these kind of activities, kindly think for them, already they have wastage 7 months and now they don’t want more vacation from you.

(Student of Iiui in BS English department of language and literature.)


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