Refugees of Jammu and Kashmir rejects Indian occupation, demands UN to conduct Plebiscite


Saqib Ali Haidri

Muzaffarabad (Parliament Times): Jammu and Kashmir Refugees appealed to the United Nations for help in finding a just solution to the Kashmir issue.
According to the details, a meeting of the representatives of the refugees who migrated from Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir after 1990 was held in which the presidents of the refugee settlements participated.
Refugees leaders categorically rejected the laws imposed by the Indian government in the occupied state on August 5, 2019, saying that Jammu and Kashmir is a state and India has no authority to divide Jammu and Kashmir and impose military occupation on the state.
They termed it violation of public rights as India illegally issues domiciles to Indian citizens and violate the Muslim identity of the state.
Addressing the meeting, the Kashmiri refugee representatives said that Raja Izhar Khan, Sardar Liaquat Ali Awan, Amjad Khan Advocate, Zulfiqar Mir, Numbardar Muhammad Yasin Mir, Daim Mir, Subhan Mir, Abdul Qayyum, Ishtiaq Butt, Feroz and others died during the migration.
Kashmiri leaders said that the United Nations should take action against India’s state terrorism and give the people of Jammu and Kashmir the opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination freely, impartially and fairly to determine the political future of the state.
They lamented that the silence of the international human rights organizations on the Indian military siege is the worst example of oppression and barbarism.  The refugee representatives appealed to the government of Pakistan to take up the issue of Kashmir around in the world besides launching a diplomatic campaign.
The speakers demanded the government of Azad Kashmir to take urgent steps to increase the monthly living allowance of the refugees in 1990, implementation of 6% quota in government jobs, provide health, education and other facilities in the refugee camps.
The meeting was presided by Chairman Kashmir Refugees Organization Muhammad Yousuf Butt while other leaders including Chaudhry Feroz Din, Uzair Ahmad Ghazali, Master Shujaul Haq, Mushtaq-ul-Islam, Chaudhry Ismail, Raja Zakheer Khan, Bilal Ahmad Farooqi, Maulana Shabbir Ahmad, Raja Basharat Izhar, Master Abdul Karim, Imtiaz Lone, Muhammad Sadiq Khan, Ali Muhammad Butt, Haji Rangeel Butt, Hamza Shaheen, Abdul Hameed Lone, Sir Andaz Mir, Bashir Khan, Alam Mughal, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Usman Ali Hashim, Chaudhry Shah Wali, Maqsood Kayani, Rafiq Abbasi, Raja Muhammad Irshad, Irshad Bukhari, Nazir Butt also participated.


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