MDA-Sindh Testing Service Dilemma


Ali Gul Leghari-Johi

Malir Development Authority an autonomous body of Government of Sindh announced various positions in November 2020 through third party Sindh Testing service. Hundreds of positions from BPS 17 to BPS 01 were announced. Hundreds, in fact thousands of candidates applied for different positions. I also shared the advertisment with many friends and asked them to apply. Yesterday, i received an SMS from Sindh Testing Service to check my eligibilty at the website. When I checked my status, it was rejected with the reason. Your Application cannot be entertained as only Petitioniors of CP Nos. D6632/2019 and D5273/2019 were eligible to participate in this process as ordered by the Honourable High Court Sindh. It was quite shoking news for my other friends as well. In the advertisement, there was no such condition or criteria for applying. If only petitioners were eligible to apply then why they didn’t mention it in the advertisment? An unemployed candidates who pays challan of 159 rupees, get application form printed and bears the courier expenses with the hope that perhaps he/she may get a chance to qualify for this job on his/her ability and merit basis and studies hard for the test as well. How disappointing is it to know that the application has been rejected for an unrealistic reason. Who is responsible for collecting huge amount of money in the name of challan?

Besides it, many testing services in past have advertised for different positions and later they put an update on their websites that Tests are postponed/ cancelled till further orders by the concerned Department. I humbly request to higher authorities of Sindh Government and Honourable High Court of Sindh to look into this matter seriously.Have pity on the poor and employed candidaes . Such type of testing services should be followed up strictly to avoid any anxiety and uneaseness among the candidates.

– The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Taluka Johi, District Dadu.


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